Ministerial Department!


This portion of the SECC’s web site is primarily structured to assist conference pastors in their ministry. This initial page with its’ links provides access to various topics that may be useful for local church leaders. Much of this site and access is only for SECC’s pastors.

The purpose of SECC’s ministerial department is to serve the conference clergy. This service takes many forms including the following:

    •    providing consultation for clergy in areas relating to ministry
    •    supporting and mentoring the conference pastoral staff
    •    maintain resources that are available for clergy use
    •    encourage each pastor to have a plan for continuing education
    •    supervise the pastor sabbatical program
    •    work with clergy pursuing advanced degrees
    •    guide young pastors as they begin their ministerial work
    •    support pastors when they face personal or congregational issues

At times the director will assist conference administration by meeting with congregations where the pastoral position is open. The director will meet with a churches search committee and lead them through a process of choosing a pastor that would meet their needs.

Many resources are available for pastor use through the ministerial department. These resources include:
    •    The Warren Heintz and Elwood Staff Library located at the conference office has books that can be checked out for the use of SECC pastors.
    •    Videos and DVD that relate to ministry are available for pastoral use
    •    Video and audio workshop programs
    •    A large collection of audio tapes and CD’s
    •    Even some ancient evangelistic slides form a part of available resources.

The director serves on the following SECC committees:

    •    Pastoral Advisory
    •    Personnel Committee
    •    Administrative Committee
    •    Invitee to Executive Committee
Support and mentoring of the clergy family is another responsibility of the ministerial department. SECC has asked Anita Roberts, Peggy James, and Linda Penick to serve as the liaison between the department and the clergy family. As experienced clergy spouses, they are able to provide needed encouragement and resources.

The department reminds elders and congregations of the need to show appreciation for their pastors. Currently, many in the Christian world, consider October as clergy appreciation month when the members formally recognize and thank their pastors for the work they provide their congregation.


Pastors are appointed to be the spiritual leader of a local congregation. This appointment is the responsibility of the Executive Committee elected to do conference business by the consistency session. Based on income and budgetary needs, the Executive Committee has established the number of full time pastors (FTEs) that meet the needs of conference congregations. Currently there are 200 FTEs serving conference churches. Recognizing that there are many pastors serving "part-time" positions, the number of clergy serving SECC is approximately 240. This is one of the largest (and best) pastoral groups in the North American Division. These are quality individuals, gifted by God for the ministry they are called to do. They are appreciated by conference and congregational leadership who continue to thank God for their ministry.

Ernie Furness, Director
Nilda Villegas, Administrative Assistant